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onelovekidrauhls said: Do you know where I can find that picture, it was a promo picture (white background) of Hazel and Gus (Gus in a wheelchair)? Preferably hq

google image search? 


idk if this is the one you are talking about, and that’s the only resolution i could find it at, but I didn’t really look too deeply, so you might be able to find it elsewhere. 

DFTBAOhio Summer Events Master Post

Sorry again for the radio silence. I’ve been not tumblring much because summer has been crazy!

I just wanted to update you all on what exactly is going on this summer. Lots of fun things are happening in Ohiofighteria coming up in the next few weeks! 

Saturday July 12 - 4:00 PM- NEOhio Nerdfighter Game Night hosted by the ever fabulous Chelley 

Thursday July 17th - Kings Island Meetup hosted by the lovely Val

Saturday July 19th - 6:00 PM - Dayton Area Nerdfighters Game Night hosted by Stacey at Epic Loot Games and Comics

Saturday August 16th - Tie Dye Workshop! Come make a super cool one of a kind tie dye Ohio Nerdfighters Shirt. PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED 

September 19-21 - Campout at Stonelick State Park - Join us for camping, hiking, bonfires and stargazing with the Stonelick Stargazers!

onelovekidrauhls said: I'm going to visit funky bones in a few weeks, would you happen to know the bone Ansel and Shai sat on? Thanks!!

I don’t. I do know that they didn’t actually film at the actual funky bones, but rather a recreation of them where they filmed in Philly Pittsburg*. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

*yeah whatever. Not Indianapolis. Same difference. :P

Just got the following in my submissions inbox, if anyone is interested, contact http://likearushofbloodtothehead.tumblr.com/!

Hello there. I’m not sure if this is the place for this, but seeing as how this is the place for Ohio nerdfighters, I thought this would be the best place. I’m also terribly sorry if this isn’t the place, and that this is incredibly short notice….but this all kinda happened real fast. 

I had plans to see TFIOS with a friend on Friday, at 4. But those plans fell through. 

That said, I now have one extra ticket and I’m giving away that ticket for free. It’s for the viewing at 4pm at the Valley View Cinemark theater. If you happen to know anyone interested, do you think you could send them my way so we can work something out? I’d hate for a fellow nerdfighter t miss out on the movie premiere when I have an available ticket that’ll go to waste if I can’t figure out what to do with it. 

Thank you so much in advance if you can help me out! 

onelovekidrauhls said: Are there any meet ups coming in near Cleveland? I would love to attend one! But since I don't have Facebook I can't see most meet up updates:( please reply! Ilysm thank you<3

i don’t think we have any officially planned at the moment. I’ll try and make sure to post any that come up in the future here though!

TFIOS Gatherings Master Post

We’re just over a week away from TFIOS, Guys!

Several of our members across the state have been planning TFIOS gatherings at their local theatres Thursday Night. Here’s a link to all of the facebook events so you can join in. If you don’t see one in your area (I’m looking at you, Cleveland!) and want to fix that, contact me here or on facebook or twitter and I’ll help you set one up. 

Dayton - http://dft.ba/-TFIOSDayton
Columbus - http://dft.ba/-TFIOSColumbus - The Night Before Our Stars Screening
Cincinnati - http://dft.ba/-TFIOSCincinnati 
Toledo - http://dft.ba/-TFIOSToledo 

We also have some other fun gatherings coming up, including an outdoor movie night (May 31st), a couple of library events in Warren (June 4th) and Cortland (June 9th) and maybe a campout and a tie dye party this summer? As always, I try to tumbl and tweet things but the best way to stay in the know is to join our facebook group 

Hope to see all of you around Ohiofighteria! DFTBA!

Hey Guys! Sorry for the radio silence over the past few weeks, things have been kind of crazy around Ohiofighteria over the past few weeks, and tumblr was the ball I dropped for a bit. I’m back though! You can stop panicking. ;)

Anyway, I’ll be posting a few things over the next hour or so, keep an eye out! 

herondale-salvatore said: hello! i just wanted to say thank you for keeping us ohio nerdfighters so informed over the past week or so for the demand our stars event. yesterday was so full of awesome and i know i'm not the only one of us who found your posts and your tweets so incredibly helpful. thank you so much!

Not a problem! A few of the other Ohio Nerdfighters moderators call me the “Nerd Mom”. I definitely let my Nerd Mom show over the past week, didn’t I? 

I’m glad everyone had such a great time and that things went as smoothly as they did. It was so great to get to meet everyone!

I hope to see lots of you at future nerdfighter events. 

One last tumbl before I got to bed and wake up ready for the tour tomorrow. 

It sounds like the mall really doesn’t want people to gather in one place early in anticipation of the evenings events. They want people to move around the mall until 5:00 PM when we can start claiming spots. I would like to request that everyone reading this respect that wish tomorrow. 

It sounds like TFIOSFL got a little crazy today, and I really don’t want to see those events repeated in Ohio. It is OK to get excited, but keep in mind how your excitement will be affecting those around you. 

Please bring your respect, patience and courtesy tomorrow. Remember to imagine those around you complexly: The security guards, the other customers at the mall, the people who work and live around the venue, other fans, John, Nat, Ansel and Shailene. All are human beings who deserve respect. 

If you do choose to arrive early, be aware that you may be asked to walk around the mall and not stay in one spot. 

I want nothing more than to see tomorrow run smoothly and to show the movie studio, the mall staff and everyone around us that Ohiofighteria really is the best corner of Nerdfighteria. I wish everyone a safe, fun evening! I’ll see you all tomorrow. 

Best wishes, as they say in my hometown, Don’t Forget to Be Awesome. 

<3 Stacey and the Ohio Nerdfighter Team. 

More info on Wednesday’s #TFIOS OHIO Event from the venue: